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A delicious, sweet and fluffy tres leches cake


Creamy, vanilla custard that is rich enough to satisfy any craving

Don Juan

Warm and buttery pecan pie, fresh out of the oven



Duchess Reserve

Tres leches custard with a butterscotch twist


Blueberry waffles with nuances of graham cracker, a hint of maple syrup, accents of Bavarian cream and delicate notes of strawberry shortcake topped with a light whipped cream

The Garden

A show winning flavor comprised of two varieties of fresh apples, married with a sweet buttery cinnamon, brown sugar, honey and a hint of ripened pears

The Shrine

Buttery golden graham crackers with a delicious cinnamon Danish topped off with a rich warm cinnamon bun.

Pound Cake 

warm, sweet cake blends with bright notes of fresh lemon zest and fragrant vanilla


Freshly baked layers of buttery pastry meets a warm,sugar glaze, with hints of vanilla.


crisp, vanilla macaroon layers with fruit infused cereal and sweetened, fresh milk.


A velvety blend of spring sweet strawberries and silky, fresh cream.


sweet, juicy guava, a medley of season-fresh berries and a splash of pink lemonade.


mouthwatering and ripe slices of juicy watermelon infused with old fashioned salt water taffy and hints of strawberry bublegum.

Blueberry Bliss

A creamy and rich New York cheesecake topped with a sweet blueberry compote layered on a delicious graham cracker crust.

Birthday Bash

A rich and creamy vanilla confetti cake stacked with vanilla frosting.

Buttercream Dream

A decadent melody of raspberry and strawberry mousse cakes frosted with luscious buttercream.


Blueberry lemonade with a splash of San Pellegrino and a dash of sweet cherries and grenadine.

Tres Leches Cake

Green Apple


Sweet and tangy mango with a splash of cantaloupe.


Bite into this chewy breakfast cereal bar drenched in vanilla cream frosting.


A minty gum flavor that’s sure to break the ice.


Apple-wood smoked tobacco

Berry Lime Sublime

Juicy strawberries, a kick of lime and a twist of some sweet and special to bring this sublime combo of flavors to another level.

Bango Tango

Tropical mangoes, rich and sweet bananas and dash of cream to keep things mellow.

Orange Cream Supreme

Inspired by the taste of summer, this is an sunshine filled orange sherbet with a delicious vanilla cream that reigns supreme.

485 Red 

Fresh, juicy strawberries, tart herbal hibiscus and a hint of peach.


Bright and vibrant moonshine infused with the rich taste of apple pie, paired with caramelized flavored Virginia Gold Leaf.

All in Favor 

Irresistible taste of pistachio, creamy butterscotch and burly leaf dipped in melted brown sugar.




A mouth watering blend of coconut and cream


A refreshing blend of papaya, mango and cantaloupe


A satisfying raspberry and dragon fruit iced tea

Ohm Run

Sweet and tart rainbow sourbelt candy


A tropical fruit blend with a hint of strawberry and kiwi.


Hands down one of the best grape’s out there.


Refreshing lemon-lime slush with a dash of mint and menthol for a smooth and cool finish.

Blueberry Donuts

Pebbles and Donuts 


Simple, straight forward and delicious…

CinnaGoo is a rich and mouthwatering blend of brown sugar, cinnamon and sweet gooey icing. The perfect guilt free vape experience for any time of year.

French toast stick

Delicious french toast dipped in maple syrup


Peanut and strawberry jelly sandwich!


Creamy and velvety traditional style Mexican flan custard.

Pacific Sangha

Rich and creamy stra.wberry milk

Birthday Bash

A moist funfetti cake topped with rich vanilla frosting.

Blueberry Bliss

Rich and creamy New York cheesecake topped with a sweet blueberry compote over a delicious graham cracker crust.

Buttercream Dream

A decadent melody of strawberry and raspberry mousse cake frosted with luscious and rich buttercream.


An exotic combination of dragonfruit, cantalope with the icy chill of menthol and candy watermelon.


A sweet and tart lychee lemonade that defines California chill.

Lemon Tart

Sharp lemon curd topped with gooey meringue, all cradled by a thin pastry crust.


A delicious cinnamon funnel cake


Sweet and sour sugar peach


Mouth watering salted caramel malt


Creamy custard with a dash more custard

Cookie Jar

Sweet cookie butter


Cinnamon marshmallow rice pudding

Green Blast

Fresh and tart green apples with kiwis blended together with a sweet honeydew melon

Amazing Mango

Sweet mangos, crisp peaches over a refreshing frozen yogurt

Lava Flow

Tart strawberries, fresh and tangy pineapples with a hint of coconut

All Melon

A delicious blend of juicy honeydew, sweet cantaloupe, and refreshing watermelon

Hawaiian POG

A tropical blend of papaya, orange, and guava that takes your taste buds to the islands of Hawaii

 Very Berry

A delicious mixture of tarty fruit packs blueberries, blackberries, and a touch of sugared lemon into a recipe that makes summer feel like it lasts all year round. Are you ready to be Very Berry?

Brain Freeze

Naked 100 delivers this pairing of kiwi and pomegranate. These two contrasting flavors that come together beautifully into a menthol vape. Only the master mixing specialists at Naked 100 can deliver a liquid of this magnitude.

Frost Bite

Naked 100 pairs cantaloupe with honeydew and the chills it with a lovely dose of menthol. A cooling effect fruit flavor that you’ll love time and time again. Get your melon on.

Very Cool

Naked 100 brings the juicy tropical flavor in spades straight to your menthol vape. Very Cool is a refreshing flavor experience that ties in raspberry, blueberries, and blackberries to produce a bevy of fruity flavor. Menthol ties the entire flavor together into one stunning vape.

American Cowboy

American Cowboy delivers the same flavor experience you would get from that red pack of analog cigarettes that so famously made the cowboy famous. Get your fill of bold tobacco without the lingering smell and get your American Cowboy on.

Euro Gold 

Naked 100 Tobacco E Liquid‘s Euro Gold delivers the sensation and flavor of a lite cigarette’s tobacco. Enjoy the richness of smooth tobacco minus the post smell of an actual cigarette.

Cuban Blend 

A cigar tobacco flavor that would make just about any Cuban double take and wonder where the top shelf cigar scent is originating from. Cuban Blend gets it perfect, so much so that you might as well just  grab a coffee and puff away on Cuban Blend.

Blue Raspberry sour straws 

Green Apple Sour Straws 

Strawberry Sour Straws 

Watermelon Sour Straws 


A sweet and tart blend of fresh strawberries and kiwis with a light yogurt finish

Super Strudel 

Your favorite toaster pastry filled with strawberry jelly smothered with icing.

Salted Caramel Macchiato

A rich and velvety caramel macchiato and delicious dark roast coffee beans.

Red, White and Chew

strawberry yogurt crunch bar


Extra Juicy and ripe white peach


Orgasmic Mango and Lychee

Ebony and Ivory

Oreo cookies, vanilla frosting and fresh scooped vanilla ice cream

Cream of the Crop 

sweet and creamy tobacco


classic coffee and tobacco