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Slurp- award winning fruity cereal and milk

Krispy- delicious crispy cereal with marshmallows and milk 

White Gummy- delicious pineapple gummy

Red Gummy- explosive strawberry gummy

Blue Gummy- tantalizing blue raspberry gummy

sweet texas tea




birthday cake


caramel coffee


cowboy Tennessee tobacco 

Peaches and Dreams- exotic peaches and cream smoothie

Cababa Blend- strawberry banana smoothie

Tropical Twist- tropical fruit smoothie with pineapple, peach and vanilla

Vanilla Almond 

Kruchy Squares

Golden ticket- fresh, creamy chocolate milk

Pacific Sanga- fresh, creamy strawberry milk

Trap Queen

Slow blow

Cush Man

Bad Blood

Grape Ape

Fat Boy

vanilla tobacco

caramel tobacco

cush man series


A mouth watering blend of coconut and cream


A refreshing blend of papaya, mango and cantaloupe


A satisfying raspberry and dragon fruit iced tea

Learn- blood orange strawberry lemonade

Consume- gummy watermelon candy 

Graham father

Graham Mother

Strawberry Blueberry ice cream

Strawberry, watermelon kiwi

Blue raspberry lemonade

strawberry lemonade


Simple, straight forward and delicious…

CinnaGoo is a rich and mouthwatering blend of brown sugar, cinnamon and sweet gooey icing. The perfect guilt free vape experience for any time of year.

French toast stick

Delicious french toast dipped in maple syrup


Peanut and strawberry jelly sandwich!


Sweet and tangy mango with a splash of cantaloupe.


Bite into this chewy breakfast cereal bar drenched in vanilla cream frosting.


A minty gum flavor that’s sure to break the ice.


Apple-wood smoked tobacco

strawberry streusel

Muffin Top

Bourbon pound cake

Cookie Jar

Sweet cookie butter


Cinnamon marshmallow rice pudding

Strawberry, cereal, doughnut milk

blueberry, cereal, doughnut milk

lemon crumble

Fitzcelli- A plethora of freshly picked sweet wild berries tossed into succulent cactus. 

I’m Chad- freshly picked berries tossed with juicy peach and sweet delicious kiwi

 we carry the entire Yammy line 

we carry the entire yami line

we carry the entire salt nix line