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E-Liquid Spotlight: Beard

With a mysterious flourish, Beard Vape Juice has entered the scene with a number of exciting new vapor recipes to offer. With little more than number designations to give away the secrets within, Beard has created a whole new brand of vaping that comes with plenty of sweet and delicious treats. Here's a look at how Beard has become one of the top vape juice companies here at Vape RX Houston.

Top E-Liquid Flavors

Beard currently has four incredible flavors on store shelves. At first glance, it's impossible to know what you're getting into with names like No. 32, No. 71, No. 24 and No. 51. This elegant, upscale way of designating flavors makes you feel like you're part of a secret club just by knowing what each number means. That being said, we're here to give you a little hint of what you'll find behind those closed doors.

No. 32 is one of Beard's top-selling vape juice flavors currently. It offers an authentic funnel cake flavor sprinkled with cinnamon and sugar. You'll enjoy the rich doughy flavor up front and the lingering cinnamon taste on the exhale.

Behind door No. 24 you'll discover a creamy salted caramel malt. The caramel is rich while the malt gives the flavor some extra body.

No. 51 is an exquisite custard flavor that goes above and beyond the average custard vape juice. As one of their newest flavors, this juice is proving that you can pack even more of that delicious custard flavor into a single inhale.

No. 71 is a new take on dessert flavors for Beard. This sugary peach vape touches on both sweet and sour notes and makes for a great pick me up mid-afternoon.

Check it Out For Yourself!

Here at VapeRx Houston, we've come to enjoy the little surprises hidden beneath Beard's clever labeling so much that we just had to get the word out to vapers like you. All of these e-juice flavors are winning over new fans by the day, and we expect this brand to do great things in the future. If you're ready to pick up a bottle for yourself, stop by today and check out our vape lounge!

E-Liquid Spotlight: Kings Crest

If you haven't already heard, Kings Crest e-liquid is the quintessential vape juice maker for anyone with a sweet tooth. The royalty-inspired flavors bring together some of the most complex desserts you've ever tasted in vapor form.

From Duchess to Don Juan, you'll love what Kings Crest vape juice has in store for you.

About the Brand

Kings Crest was created by a team of three vapor connoisseurs intent on building the best brand in e-liquids. They shocked the industry by taking "Best in Show" at the Vape Summit early in their career.

Since then they've unleashed six incredible flavors while continuing to push their signature Duchess flavor with some fresh spinoffs along the way. They've proven that they can master the finest details of your favorite desserts without leaving anything out of the mix.

The Flavors

Curious what you'll find from the Kings Crest line? Here's a quick rundown of their most popular flavors:

Along with these three great flavors, they have branched out to include some fabulous fruity desserts with their Blue Queen e-juice. In addition, they recently added a Reserve line, which takes their six basic flavors one step further by adding even more intensity and spice. Finally, they remixed the original Duchess into an all-new Strawberry Duchess twist that simply pops in your mouth.

VapeRx Houston

Here at VapeRx Houston, we can't say enough good things about the Kings Crest vape juice line. Whether you're looking for a sticky sweet all-day vape, or you just want a nice dessert flavor for after your meals, this is the brand you’ve been looking for.

Look for their classy brown bottles with the Kings Crest shields on the front. Want to give it a try before you buy? Check out our vape lounge to enjoy a taste of the excellent Kings Crest flavors.

E-Liquid Spotlight: The Cakery

If you're one of those people with an insatiable sweet tooth, we have some great news for you! The Cakery has a line of e-liquids that will blow your mind. They have just released some incredible flavors that will take you on a dreamy ride through some delicious baked goodies that you'll never forget.

Buttercream Dream

This e-liquid packs a surprising punch. While it's name may be a dead giveaway to the creamy, buttery sweet icing that you'll taste, you'll be more than pleased to discover the fruity center of this cake!

A thick raspberry and blueberry fruit syrup adds just a hint of tart and tangy bite to the flavor. Ultimately, this is one of those super extravagant, multi-layer cakes that you can only get from the most expensive bakery in town, all wrapped into one simple little e-liquid for you to enjoy.

Birthday Bash

Who doesn't love rainbow sprinkles and funfetti icing? We know you'll enjoy treating yourself with this delicious vape juice. At its core you'll find a simple vanilla white cake with a nice smooth, milky taste that just about crumbles in your mouth.

On top, you'll enjoy the thick vanilla icing with some colorful sprinkle bits that makes this a real party. The flavors in this liquid are a little bit subtler, but it makes a great all day vape for those who love that sweet kick.

Blueberry Bliss

Blueberry Bliss is the Cakery's first attempt at a true New York Cheesecake flavor. This super rich flavor brings together that iconic creamy center with a crumbly cinnamon graham cracker crust. On top, you'll enjoy juicy blueberries drizzled with sugary sweet blueberry syrup.

VapeRx Houston

So far, all of the The Cakery vape juice flavors are performing well, and the company has truly mastered the texture and taste of real cake flavors. With The Cakery E-liquids you are guaranteed to put your cakey cravings to rest and celebrate all year long without having to order an actual specialty cake.

To see if The Cakery flavors are right for you, stop by the Vape Bar and Lounge at VapeRx Houston today. We have all of The Cakery's new flavors in store for you to try out and enjoy.

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